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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bank Negara did not hit us, says GFI

Washington-based think-tank Global Financial Integrity dismisses remarks by Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim that it is in hold with Bank Negara.

The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) has discharged remarks by a emissary apportion that a Washington-based think-tank is operative with Malaysia’s executive bank on a emanate of a nation’s towering unlawful collateral flight.

While we wish that we could contend that we’d been in hold with Bank Negara, it is not true. They have not reached out to us, and we have not oral with them,” pronounced GFI communications executive Clark Gascoigne (left) in an email response to Malaysiakini.

On Saturday, Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim told Malaysiakini that GFI had been in hold with Bank Negara to work on a matter.

He pronounced that RM150 billion reported by GFI to have flowed illicitly out of Malaysia in 2009 was “not a new issue” and measures were already being taken to block a leak.

Lim’s matter echoes military arch Ismail Omar, who final Friday put a censure on income laundering activities and pronounced that movement was being taken to solidify a resources of those concerned in such organized crime.

According to GFI final Thursday, Malaysia saw a whopping RM150 billion in unlawful income siphoned out of a nation in 2009, creation it a top 4 countries with a tip unlawful collateral flight.

This volume is in further to a detriment of RM927 billion over a duration of 9 years between 2000 and 2008. In total, Malaysia has suffered a accumulative mislaid of RM1 trillion over a past decade.

Still peaceful and ready, says GFI

In a arise of a prior GFI news in January, Prime Minister Najib Razak pronounced that Bank Negara would yield an reason on a findings.

Soon after, Lim announced that Bank Negara, that is headed by administrator Zeti Akhtar Aziz, had launched a probe.

But to date, Bank Negara has nonetheless to announce a outcome of a investigations nor explain a large unlawful collateral flight, notwithstanding offers of assistance from tip GFI economists.

Gascoigne reiterated that if Bank Negara is interested, GFI would be happy to work with Bank Negara and a Finance Ministry to residence a problem of unlawful collateral issuing out of a country.

We mount by a op-ed from a lead economist, Dr Dev Kar, from this past January: We’re peaceful and prepared to combine with a Malaysian government, if we’re invited to do so.

However, as of yet, we have not been invited to do so,” he said.


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