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Friday, December 23, 2011

PPSMI graduates: What they have to say

The Malaysian public has been waiting anxiously for the Government’s decision on PPSMI. However when the decision came out a few weeks ago, many are unhappy that PPSMI is not given a chance to continue at all.

Many parents and organizations are split between those who support PPSMI and those who fought against it.

What about young people themselves?

School kids may still be adolescents and yet to have the experience and maturity to understand their needs but what about those who have gone through that PPSMI system in schools and have now moved on to college universities?

They too have stories to tell.

With the pressing debate going back and forth between parents and the government about the PPSMI issue, a young citizen journalist Ooi Kok Hin, decided to explore the opinion of his peers who were all by-products of Math and Science taught in English.

Videos by Ooi Kok Hin, Citizen Journalist


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