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Monday, September 22, 2008

News from News Straits Times, Friday,19.9.2008

KUALA LUMPUR : A Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia student, who claims that she was harassed by security guards on her campus, has submitted a memorandum to the Human Rights Commision (SUHAKAM) to act on the matter.

Danaletchumoi Langaswaran, 23, alleged that several security personnel had stopped her from conducting a briefing session for the newly-formed UKM Student Movement (GMUKM ) last week.

She said about 10 guards surrounded her before a man with a yellow batik shirt approached her and confiscated her student identification card.

“ GMUKM is three week old. We had put up notices all over campus that briefing sessions were going to be held at selected faculties to explain the movement’s goals,’’ she told a press conference at the Suhakam headquartes here yesterday.

Danaletchumi was represented by Suara Rakyat Malaysia coordinators.

She said GMUKM was formed to fight for students’ rights. She is one of the group coordinators representing Indian students.

She was informed by one of the guards that she was no longer at UKM student and was not allowed to participate in any assembly.

Suhakam commissioner Datuk Professor Dr Khoo Kay Kim said it would write a letter to Higher Education Minister Datuk Khaled Nordin about the matter .


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